Himanshu Art Institute
A Complete Institute of Fine Arts & Crafts in INDIA
Institute of Fine Arts & Crafts
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+91 9654446040, 011-43557340
+91 9654446040, 011-43557340
Santa Simule, Student of Art & Crafts
My experience in Himanshu Art Institute is positive. I completed one year diploma course in art & craft. Behind the walls of this institute, opens a totally different world not just for me, but for so many others, who likes to make their lives more creative and artistic. It is a good place to be, I did learn a lot about Indian Art & craft, using different techniques, techniques I never saw or worked with before Santa Simule
Student of Art & Crafts
Alisha Pawar, Student of Fine Arts
Been the student of Fine Arts since 10+2, was aware of basics of Drawing only. This institute has given me the opportunity to implement new ideas over the basics I have learnt. I have realized that I have become more creative now after joining the institute. I really feel happy and lucky to be a part of Himanshu Art Institute as it is the only institute I have found where though the class is conducted Alisha Pawar
Student of Fine Arts
Deepali Kishani, Student of Sketching
Himanshu Art Institute is a great platform to churn innovative ideas in student’s minds. The creatvie atmoephere of the class rooms, filled with designedobjects and larger than life paintings drive students to display their creative side. I think Himanshu Art Institute can turn any normal average student into a goo one, a good student into a better one, and a better student into the best as far as fields Deepali Kishani
Student of Sketching